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Frugal Science with Saad Bhamla

Without insurance, our medical bills could be thousands of dollars with each routine trip to the doctor. And some of the care we need isn’t even covered by insurance - like hearing aids. Much of that high cost comes from the astronomical prices of medical equipment. Just one pair of hearing aids costs around $5,000. 

Saad Bhamla talks about his work in frugal science and the impact it’s having on the medical field.

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Inside Sports Medicine with Omer Inan

If there’s anyone out there that can benefit from advances in sports medicine, it’s baseball players. From torn rotator cuffs to knee injuries, pro baseball players are extremely hard on their bodies. 

Today, innovations in sports medicine are helping to both prevent and treat athletic injuries. Dr. Omer Inan is an associate professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is focused on developing clinically relevant medical devices and systems for patients. A varsity athlete himself from his days at Stanford, Omer has a special interest in sports medicine.

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Personalized Medicine with Manu Platt

Personalized medicine today is allowing doctors to become even more targeted with patient care. They are better to able predict how we will respond to a treatment or determine what diseases we may be at risk for. It also means – more effective treatments. Your own stem cells could be the main ingredient in your own personalized cure.

Manu Platt talks about his work in medicine and healthcare – specifically HIV and Sickle Cell and how personalized medicine fits into the diseases we face.