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Traveling in a Covid-19 World

Mass transit options, such as buses and subways, naturally create environments that conflict with social distancing practices. Even ridesharing options – and other sharing economy services - present problems. What does travel look like in a Covid-19 world? And, how do we adapt to those changes? 

Our guest on The Uncommon Engineer is Kari Watkins, the Frederick Law Olmsted associate professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her work focuses on the pairing of technology and transportation.

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Travel Behavior with Pat Mokhtarian

Travel behavior, or the how, why, and when we travel, has a great impact on our community and our lives. Pat Mokhtarian discusses how these travel decisions are changing through emerging technologies.

Emerging technologies are reshaping how we work and how we get around, from teleworking to rideshares to autonomous vehicles. Pat Mokhtarian discusses what considerations and expectations inform our travel decisions.

Mokhtarian is a Susan G. and Christopher D. Pappas Professor & Group Coordinator in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech.