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Commercializing AI with Seth Radman

AI, machine learning, Big Data.... It's everywhere. So, how do we monetize it? And how is it helping big businesses become even bigger?

Our guest is Seth Radman, a Georgia Tech graduate who has started and grown multiple successful startups, a number of which leverage AI.

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Bias in Algorithms with Swati Gupta

Employers today are eager to harness the artificial intelligence (AI) and big data captured by the algorithms to speed up the hiring process. But depending on the data used, automated hiring decisions can be very biased.

Our guest is Swati Gupta, a professor and researcher in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. She’s an expert in all things AI.

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The Roaring 20’s: What’s New for our New Decade

It’s hard not to be really enthusiastic about the next decade. And many of the technological advances are happening right now here on Tech’s campus. What does that next decade look like? Will we send a man to mars or prevent AIDS? No one really knows, but today we have three engineering professors here to weigh in on a few predictions and forecast for the future. 

Glenn Lightsey is a professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering. James Rains is professor of the practice and director of the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering’s Capstone program. And Magnus Egerstedt is the chair and professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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What is AI? An Algorithmic Primer with Justin Romberg

AI, machine learning, Big Data.... It’s everywhere. But what’s the difference between it all? And further, what does it mean in our world today?

Part one of our AI series introduces Justin Romberg, here to provide a primer on artificial intelligence (AI). He’s a professor and researcher in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. And, he’s published eight papers in 2019, alone.