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Engineering Solutions to COVID-19 with Chris Saldana, Sam Graham

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented changes and challenges in our world and nation. With personal protective equipment and other medical devices in short supply, engineers within the College are doing their part to help the healthcare system during this crisis. Our guests for this episode include Chris Saldana, professor in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, and Sam Graham, Eugene Gwaltney, Jr. School Chair of Mechanical Engineering, who are here to talk about the work they are doing to fight the spread of COVID-19. We spoke to our guests virtually, due to social distancing.

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Personalized Medicine with Manu Platt

Personalized medicine today is allowing doctors to become even more targeted with patient care. They are better to able predict how we will respond to a treatment or determine what diseases we may be at risk for. It also means – more effective treatments. Your own stem cells could be the main ingredient in your own personalized cure.

Manu Platt talks about his work in medicine and healthcare – specifically HIV and Sickle Cell and how personalized medicine fits into the diseases we face.